Online Bar & Bat Mitzvah Lessons New York

CoolCantor is the top Online Jewish Education in New York

From Manhattan to Brooklyn CoolCantor has taught many Yankees and Mets fans online and prepared them for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies. As many Temples and Synagogues as there are in New York, many families do not belong to one. So when it comes time for parents to give their child a Jewish education they don’t know where to turn. Cantor Ben is there for these families to provide a complete Jewish education and bar and bat mitzvah prep in under a year. With a fun approach that boosts confidence and makes learning fun, CoolCantor takes the ancient Torah and makes it relevant to kids today by helping them learn lessons about forgiveness, kindness to animals and  building strong relationships with friends and family.

What sets us apart?

  • Guarantees : Pride. A Guarantee that on the Big Day, your child will feel incredibly proud of their accomplishment. They can look at themselves in the mirror and feel pride about their performance
  • Access : Gone are the days of waiting a week to see your tutor. With a text or an email, CoolCantor is there to answer any question from a student or parent and provide same day feedback on work
  • Experience: Having taught kids for 20 years many with ADD and all other special needs, Cantor Ben is well equipped to make learning accessible and fun and has creative teaching methods for all students
  • Full Service: Knowing that your child is entrusted to an experienced Cantor and educator who will lead your child down a path from beginning to end instilling confidence and positive reinforcement. Helping to shape positive character traits that will impact your child’s future in a powerful way from building relationships, success in the workplace and being a kind and good person

CoolCantor values New York students and we look forward to working with you.