Online Bar & Bat Mitzvah Lessons Los Angeles

CoolCantor is the top Online Jewish Education in Los Angeles

CoolCantor has had many online students from Los Angeles. Parents will write to me and ask if it’s too late for their child to get a Jewish education and become prepared for their special day of becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It is never too late! CoolCantor has created a curriculum that is fun and easily accessible and intuitive for students. Its designed to give a fulsome Jewish education in under a year. Using technology in a positive way, Cantor Ben and students build rapport and momentum. Students from Los Angeles have not only learned to confidently sing their Torah portion, they have learned Torah lessons on humility, kindness, forgiveness and leadership that they can take with them in their every day lives forever! CoolCantor has taught many students from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and San Diego,

What sets us apart?

  • Guarantees :   we guarantee that you will see an evolution in your child throughout the learning process. Your child will learn Torah lessons that they will implement into their daily lives to be responsible, charitable, empathetic confident human beings
  • Access : committed to responsiveness and accessibility, CoolCantor replies same day to emails and texts from students and parents
  • Experience:  a trained educator and Cantor who has an MBA and a certified Life Coach with over 20 years experience preparing students and giving them a wholistic Jewish education
  • Full Service: Ensuring a confident performance at your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, instilling confidence using positive reinforcement, educating your child on Jewish values and customs, helping them perform mitzvahs – good deeds daily and practice the ripple effect

CoolCantor values Los Angeles students and we look forward to working with you.