Bar and Bat Mitzvah Lessons

Every child learns differently, and we will create a personalized plan together that sets your son or daughter up for success to perform at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah confidently and skillfully. Your child will have unlimited access to Cantor Ben through sharing assignments and homework and getting same day feedback. Cantor Ben will help your child become a great human being by teaching lessons from the Torah about kindness, relationship building, empathy, forgiveness, sharing resources, and how to be an effective leader

How Does It Work?


Step 1

Audio Collaboration

After a student and parents meet with Cantor Ben, he creates personalized audio recordings of your child’s Torah portion specifically for your child, complete with study sheets and short, manageable homework instructions. Students then make audio recordings of their work in progress and send it back to Cantor Ben.


Step 2

Corrections & Feedback
Once homework has been checked, Cantor Ben will then send back audio recordings with any corrections or advice to help guide them along during the process. Feedback and positive reinforcement on homework is always provided within 24 hours for maximum learning retention. Students work on adding to their portion with regular reminders to stay on track, build momentum and build confidence along the way.


Step 3


Designed to support students and keep parents informed, parents are copied on all communications which helps with accountability and streamlines the process. Cantor Ben is also accessible and responsive to parents throughout the entire journey.

Watch The Video Message

The Ripple Effect : If you throw a stone in the lake the ripples keep going and going. I teach that we can be that stone; when we start a chain reaction by doing a kind gesture for someone, they will pass it along to someone else and so on and so on….….you can not only improve the life of the person you help, but for many others who you will never even meet! Our actions can improve many lives and humanity.

My Approach

Consistent Learning, Growth, and Support



  • Portions written out in English if child can’t read Hebrew
  • Patented tune marks over each Hebrew/English word to make the singing easier
  • Recordings are made specifically for 12 and 13-year-olds
Group 99

Responsive 24/7

  • Guaranteed turnaround time of less than 24 hours on homework submitted
  • Available to students and parents all hours of the day
  • Sincere dedication to your child’s success
  • Complete course recordings and materials are provided
Group 101

Confidence Building

  • Learning led by a trained musical professional
  • Proper singing and breathing techniques for best vocal confidence
  • Increased confidence to reduce stress and fear of public performance

About Me

With more than 20 years of firsthand experience, Cantor Ben Silverberg has been providing children with the confidence and understanding they need to achieve their Bar and Bat Mitzvah goals. A thoughtful Judaism-centered mentor focused on helping youth become leaders amongst their own communities, Ben helps instill his students with positive, lifelong values rooted in goodness and kindness. All with educational support that helps them learn and grow along with their faith.

Ben Silverberg


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